Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting my feet wet. . .

Well, I thought, I'd start with something very small.  After reviewing only 97 pages on crockpot cooking, I thought I should get out the crock pot.

Yesterday, I visited the local farmers market and purchased a wonderful selection of veggies and fruits.  I then stopped and bought some chicken tenders (boneless, skinless chicken cut in thin strips).
Some of my fresh fruits and veggies.

Feeling spunky and determined I was going to get this day off to a great start and thus, with dinner prepared, get the night off to a great ending, I prepared my "new dinner".

Cut up the chicken. Opened a small can of diced tomatoes (only cause they seemed like they're good for you and added liquid), may not be the right choice. . .moving on.  Chopped up some zucchini, some broccoli, the chicken and 2 ears of corn.  Cut some fresh basil off my basil plants out front.  Put the chicken, in the crock pot.  Put my veggies in, and put my basil in.  Added some dry oregano, poured in my can of tomatoes, stirred it all up and turned the thing on.

Looking good at the beginning.

Fast forward to 3:00 pm as children come bounding off the bus all happy and full of joy. . . Cody walks in and announces "The house smells bad."  Hmmmm.  Thinking broccoli was a bad idea at this point.  I try a piece of chicken, breaking the cardinal rule of not taking the top off the crock pot, the meat is dry. . .throw in some more water.

It is now only 4:00 and I have the pot on "warm" so as to allow the meat to absorb the liquid, but not really cook any longer. . . is that even scientifically possible??  I guess we'll see.

Not nearly as pretty afterwords.  Grrrr.  
Ok, dinner is over.  I ate it.  Peter ate it, though I'm pretty sure he didn't want too.  Joshua and Cody refused it and Tray, well, to give him credit, attempted to eat it.  I had to go to the store to buy cereal.  Sigh.  So my Pintrest motivated crock pot dinner was not a success.  This could be a very embarrassing blog at this point!!

I'll let you follow me on my next endeavor as soon as I organize my ideas into some sort of dueable project schedule.  :-)


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